The circuit breaker for your potable water system. Apollo PEX Manifold Systems allow for longer continuous runs of PEX pipe, meaning fewer fittings and spending less time on installation. Longer runs with fewer connections also mean fewer chances of leaks and water damage, smoother bends and turns, and reduction of line noise and water hammer. Manifold Systems are used so each branch line only feeds one fixture. The Manifold greatly reduces pressure fluctuations and temperature swings that can cause scalding. Apollo PEX Manifold Systems are available in a wide range of outlet ports and materials.

Model #Description
Manifold System – 12 Port
Manifold System – 16 Port
Manifold System – 20 Port
Manifold System – 24 Port
Manifold System – 28 Port
Manifold System – 32 Port
Manifold System – 36 Port
Poly Alloy Manifold – 2 Port, Closed End
Poly Alloy Manifold – 4 Port, Closed End
Poly Alloy Manifold – 2 Port, Open End
Poly Alloy Manifold – 4 Port, Open End
Poly Alloy Manifold – 6 Port, Open End
Replacement Manifold Valve
1/2 in. PEX x 1/2 in. FPT Swivel
Replacement Manifold Inlet Adapter
3/4 in. PEX x 1 in. FPT
APXMBAManaBloc™ Manifold Inlet Adapter
3/4 in. PEX x 1 in. NPSM
APXNPSM34Manifold Inlet Adapter
3/4 in. PEX x 1 in. NPSM


  1. I bought a 16 port manifold a little over a year ago for my new house, and this last week it started leaking at the hot water supply connection. My plumber could never get the provided fittings to not leak so went with a different fitting. Which seemed to work till last week. Was wondering if I just need new supply fittings or a whole new Manifold? Im in a mess at the moment. Thank you!

    1. Robie,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. We would like to send you two fittings. One is the plastic inlet adapter (1 in. FPT x MPT) that screws onto the manifold, and the other is the brass adapter that will need to be screwed on top (3/4 in. PEX x 1 in. FPT) of the plastic adapter. Please note that when making a threaded connection using plastic fittings, or brass on plastic fittings, that you will want to hand tighten and then give another ¼ to ½ turn with a wrench.

      Based off of your description below, my best guess is that the O-ring in the brass adapter may be worn out due to thermal expansion, or that the brass fitting was over tightened on the plastic adapter and over time created a small stress fracture in the threads. Please let me know once you install the new fittings if the leaks still exists. If the leak still exists, we will replace your 16 port manifold.

      Please email your ship to address (UPS) to and we will have this shipped out for delivery by tomorrow.

    2. I am having the same problem, had a small leak at the hot inlet between the brass fitting and plastic fitting on the manifold, had a plumber out to replace the o ring and brass fitting but that didn’t solve it. Still leaking from the same place.

  2. Last March, I purchased the 6907912CP 12 port manifold and 2 weeks ago the hot water supply line started leaking at the brass adapter. I’ve tried resetting the connection and made sure that the o-ring wasn’t damaged, but it is still leaking. Can you help me out with what else I should try?

  3. Do these work with Uponor (Pex-A AKA ProPex)? Also, if I add a downstream mini block (ie 2 or 3 port) is this still recommended?

    1. No, these manifolds do not work with Uponor ProPEX fittings or pipe. These manifolds are approved for use with PEX-B (F1807) fittings and pipe. The manifolds that we sell that may be used with Uponor ProPEX fittings and/or pipe are: EPXM3PT, EPXM4PT, EPXM6PT, EPXM2PTO, EPXM3PTO, EPXM4PTO, EPXM4PTO1 – The miniblock cannot be used with this manifold.

  4. I purchased the 6907936CP
    Manifold System – 36 Port for my house Th at I am remodeling. I haven’t filled up the whole manifold yet because we are still in the process of adding on.
    I need to purchase some of the caps to plug the unused ports until I complete my addition. Is this possible?

  5. Do you have an 8 port manifold? I need an 8 port under my kitchen sink to feed two dishwasher and two sinks. Can the 12 port be converted to an 8 port.

    1. All of our manifold systems come with caps so all of the ports don’t have to be used. You can take our 12 port manifold system and only use 8 of the ports.

  6. Hi

    – What comes in the box of 6907928CP? (meaning what outlets are in in and what size inlets (i assume they are all brass PEX connectors)
    – We have PEX (SharkBite) can these brass fittings be used direct with sharkbite PEX?

    Many Thanks

    1. Our 28 Port PEX Manifold has a dual chamber, one side for hot water and one side for cold. The inlet sizes are 1″ male thread but the manifold comes with 3/4″ PEX adapters. The manifold has 28 outlet ports with 1/2″ male threads. There are 28 1/2″ PEX x 1/2″ FNPT quarter turn brass ball valves to place on the outlets to control water flow. The manifold can be used with Sharkbite brand PEX fittings.

      1. I have a 28 port apollo manifold, it has been installed for about a month. It has developed a drip at the last coupling before the last 2 ports on the hot water main. Is that fixable?

    1. Thank you for reaching out to us. Unscrew the ¾ in. FPT Caps at the bottom of the manifold. Then, apply Teflon or Plumber’s Tape to the threads of the manifold. After that, screw a ¾ in. PEX Barb x 1 in. FPT (APXFA34B1F) where the ¾ in. FPT caps were. This will allow you to connect 1 in. PEX to the other manifold.

      Please feel free to reach out to us with any more questions, comments, or concerns.

  7. We purchased a 24 port manifold. Took our time installing the unit to make sure the lines were straight coming into the unit and made sure to just hand tighten them. Everything was working great for 3-4 weeks with no leaks. Then we noticed one of the hot water supply lines started to drip. We tried to hand tighten more but it is still leaking. Is there anything else we can try to get it to stop dripping?

    1. Thank you for reaching out to us. When connecting a threaded connection, we recommend that you first hand-tighten and then give another ½ to ¼ turn with a wrench. Is the leak occurring where the hot water supply line meets the manifold? If so, we’ll be happy to send you a replacement plastic inlet adapter, as well as a ¾ in. brass adapter that connects to the plastic inlet adapter. Please email Ben at for replacement parts.

  8. Hello I am in need of the bottom part with the 4 outlets on it of the 6907912CP as the cold weather cracked the pipe inside. I’m lease let me know how to obtain this!

  9. i have a recently puchased 24 port mainnfold and during the deep freeze the 2 inlet connections broke–I believe these to be the 1 in. FPT x MPT—whether that is correct or not–they are black plastic with a white washer inside the female side definatley 1″ — where can I get replacements for these?? I can’t find them anywhere locally….

  10. I’m installing a whole home water filter system with a UV sanitizer/sterilizer. I’m thinking about upgrading my house from PVC/CPVC to PEX. Will the UV from the sanitizer/sterilizer have a negative impact on the 6907912CP manifold? I’ll be installing the manifold with about 4′ of tubing from the outlet of the sanitizer to the inlet of the cold water on the manifold.

    1. Thank you for reaching out to us. No, the UV light being transmitted through the water will not have a negative impact on the 12 port manifold. Additionally, as long as the PEX pipe connected to the manifold is not in direct sunlight, then you are good to go!

      1. Thank you. I keep seeing that UV will have an impact on PEX tubing and manifolds and wanted to be sure. The last thing I want to do is redo all the plumbing in the house and have everything break down at the manifold.

        I really appreciate the fast response.

  11. Hooked up the 12 port manifold to my cottage on a new well. Water holding tank shows 40 to 60 PSI but out of all taps and shower pressure is very very low. I used 3/4” Pex from holding tank to manifold. Is there anything in the manifold itself that could be reducing the flow?

    Longest run using 1/2 Pex is maybe 20 feet so not a distance issue.

    Not sure what to make of it!

    1. The manifold is designed to work at 45-50 PSI. We understand that the water tank is showing 40-60 psi but what is the pressure right before the manifold? How far is the holding tank from the manifold? You may need a booster pump. Also, going from 3/4″ pipe to 1/2″ pipe will reduce some of the water pressure.

  12. Is there a 3/4″ version of the APXFF1212S?
    I’m looking to install a manifold system, but have some outside faucets on 3/4″ lines.

    1. We do not have a 3/4″ version of our swivel valve for manifold outlets. You can get our female adapter (APXFA3412) that’s 3/4″ x 1/2″ to connect your outside faucet to the manifold but it won’t have a shutoff valve.

  13. My 1 in. FPT x MPT inlet adapter cracked and cannot be used safely. I am in desperate need of a replacement but cannot find the specific part to order on the website.

  14. We purchased the 6907984CP. When my husband went to install the manifold one of the main water inlets broke. Is there a piece to fix/replace this or do we need to purchase a whole new unit?

    1. The best way is to attach a PEX water heater connector with a ball valve (at least 18 in. long) from the outgoing port of the water heater. Then use PEX pipe to attach the connector to the manifold.

    1. Unfortunately, we are out of stock of the EPXMANI20 until the end of March. You can purchase the EPXMANI24 (24-Port Manifold) at It comes with caps so you can cap the ports you don’t need.

  15. I have a 6907936CP, 36-Port PEX Manifold with 1/2 in. Brass Ball Valves, that we bought from HomeDepot online in August of 2021. We are just now installing it. When I pressurize the manifold with all the valves off it leaks, but I can’t tell from where. When I screw on the Brass inlet fitting on the Right Side (Cold Side) the Plastic fitting on the actual manifold spins Is this normal and could that be the source of my leak?

  16. We have an 6907912CP which has leaked several times on the hot side. It leaks between the brass adapter fitting and the plastic fitting on the manifold. This happened last year and our plumber tightened it up, leak stopped. It just again happened today. I removed the fitting and found that the rubber gasket appears to be breaking down – leaves black residue on my hands, etc. It’s only about a year and a half old.. this seems way too soon for such an issue.

    Can I just replace this gasket? What are the requirements for a suitable replacement? Also, can something other than rubber be used that might be more long lived – the white colored gasket between the plastic parts looked in great condition by contrast…

    1. 1) Please provide a ship to address and we will have a new brass adapter and a couple of gaskets sent out free of charge. Send your address to
      2) Is the plumber using teflon tape or some other type of plumbers tape on the treads?
      3) I wouldn’t use any other type of gasket besides the one that is provided with the brass adapter.

  17. I just installed a 12 port manifold 6907912cp. All is well except the cold water inlet is leaking. I’ve tried to re-tighten the plastic adapter and brass fitting several times without success. I see above comments that indicate this is not uncommon. Is there supposed to be an o-ring in the brass fitting? Also, should the plastic adapter have Teflon tape on threads?

    1. Yes, there is supposed to be an o-ring or gasket in the brass adapter. If they weren’t included with your brass adapters, please email me ( your address and I will send replacements to you. You can use plumber’s tape on the threads if you wish – it’s not required but is ok to do so.

  18. How does the manifold supply water to the hot water heater? One 3/4 is cold water in the other is hot water from heater so do i feed the heater with a half in outlet? Thanks.

    1. Run your hot water line from the water heater to one of the inlets of the manifold. Run your cold water line to the other inlet of the manifold. The water heater supplies hot water to the manifold, not vice-versa. If you would like a valve to control water flow from your water heater, we offer water heater connectors with a ball valve on one end.

  19. I want to use the 24 or 28 port I will be doing PEX A but I need 4 hot ,4 cold ports to be 3/4 inch. The rest will be 1/2 inch? Do you make that or sell the fittings to make that work? My in coming is 1 1/4 inch we know we’ll choke it down to 1 inch.

    1. We do not carry a 3/4″ PEX-A x 1/2″ FNPT valve currently. The best option is to purchase our EPXFA3412 3/4″ PEX-A x 1/2″ FNPT Female Adapter and attach it to the manifold outlet port. Run a small piece of PEX-A pipe from it, then attach an EPXV3434 3/4″ Ball Valve to have shut off capability for that fixture.

      1. What’s the reason for mounting the manifold 18” away from the hot water line? Is it heat or pressure? And secondly, can I mount the manifold sideways if needed? I’m limited on space.

      2. Yes the manifold can be installed sideways if needed.

        For the 18”, you need a 12” – 18” water heater connector depending on your local code and that’s because you can’t connect PEX directly to the hot water heater due to the temperature.

        Below is a link to an 18” water heater connector.

  20. Hello. I have a 24 port manifold and I need to cap the 1″ supply side for both ports as I am using the 3/4 side only and nothing I get works. Water simply gushes out. Where can I get them from?

    1. No, we don’t carry a wrench for tightening manifold valves and caps. We recommend applying plumber’s tape to the male threaded ends, hand tightening the threaded fittings, then using a wrench to do a 1/4 turn on each threaded connections. Try not to over tighten.

      1. Hi,

        I have the Apollo PEX 6907928CP 28 Port PEX Manifold (3/4-inch Inlets, 1/2-inch Outlets) and there’s a leak on the plastic inlet on the hot side. Is this fixable? If the inlet piece is replaceable, how do you remove? It seems to just keep spinning when tightening the brass adapter.

  21. I purchased the 24-Port PEX-B Manifold with 1/2 in. Brass Ball Valves, there is one spot where one of the two main intake ports connects to the other port that has a small leak on the hot side. Can this be repaired or does a whole new manifold need to be installed?

  22. I’m not fond of pipe thread and have had more success with the sealant form. Can I use the thread sealant or can I only use the pipe thread tape?

    1. Each inlet adapter and swiveled ball valve that attaches to the manifold contains an O-ring, so technically, there is no need for thread tape. However, for piece of mind, you may use Teflon or Plumber’s Tape. We DO NOT recommend using pipe dope when making connections with this manifold.

  23. How can I get replacement parts for my 20 port manifold? The top fittings are leaking and so are the caps on the bottom.

  24. I installed a 12 port manifold in my home and it failed at the bottom inlet when the pressure was applied. How do I go about getting this part? The Home Depot were I purchased it does not provide very good support for your manifolds

  25. I have the 690712CP 12-Port manifold; I have one cracked inlet 1” adapter for the unit. I can’t find the part on the website. I would like to purchase 2 of them, could you let me know what I have to do purchase them.

  26. I need to get new end caps for a 12 port manifold. the top caps somehow got overtightened and broke. who can I contact about getting them replaced?

  27. Do you make a 3/8″ pex valve to connect to the 1/2″ port of the manifold? I’ve run my toilet and lavatories in 3/8″ pex and would prefer to not have to add adapters downstream of the valves.

    1. We do not carry a 3/8″ PEX valve to use with our manifolds. We do carry a 1/2 in. x 3/8 in. coupling to transition from 3/8 in. pipe to 1/2 in. (APXC1238)

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