Apollo PEX Lead-Free dezincification-resistant brass female adapters are the premier low cost solution for connections within a PEX piping system. Apollo PEX fittings are suitable for both potable water and hydronic heating systems. Apollo PEX fittings may be used with copper crimp rings, stainless steel pinch clamps or stainless steel crimp sleeves (all sold separately). Available in a variety of configurations and sizes, completion of your next PEX piping system installation is easy with Apollo PEX fittings. 

  • Lead-free DZR brass*
  • Barb connection
  • For use with PEX pipe.
  • Max. service temperature 200°F and max. pressure 200 psi.
  • Compatible with crimp ring or clamp connections.
  • Third party certified to NSF-pw Annex G
  • Complies with ASTM F877
  • Complies with ASTM F1807
  • CSA B137.5
Model #Description
APXFA12121/2 in. PEX x 1/2 in. FPT
APXFB1212S1/2 in. PEX x 1/2 in. FPT Swivel – Plastic Nut
APXFA12125PK1/2 in. PEX x 1/2 in. FPT (5 Pack)
APXFA1225JR1/2 in. PEX x 1/2 in. FPT (25 Pack Jar)
APXFA12341/2 in. PEX x 3/4 in. FPT
APXFA34123/4 in. PEX x 1/2 in. FPT
APXFA34343/4 in. PEX x 3/4 in. FPT
APXFA3425JR3/4 in. PEX x 3/4 in. FPT (25 Pack Jar)
APXFF3434S3/4 in. PEX x 3/4 in. FPT Swivel – Loose, Brass Nut
APXFA34B1F3/4 in. PEX x 1 in. FPT
APXFA111 in. PEX x 1 in. FPT
APXFS12121/2 in. PEX x 1/2 in. FS
APXFS1210PK1/2 in. PEX x 1/2 in. FS (10 Pack)
APXFS1240JR1/2 in. PEX x 1/2 in. FS (40 Pack Jar)
APXFS34343/4 in. PEX x 3/4 in. FS
APXFS3430JR3/4 in. PEX x 3/4 in. FS (30 Pack Jar)
APXFSA111 in. PEX x 1 in. FS


  1. so i have had to replace 2 1/2×1/2 female adapters now.they have developed cracks in them very hairline on outside on the inside tread segment you can definiately see it.however by the time the leak area is obvious the water damage shows that it has been leaking for some time internaly soaking insulation drywall and traveled under lamanate floor.today i purchased 3 more of these fittings so i would have some on hand[150 mile trip to get]so i got to looking at the new ones and i got to say i think im going to see this issue again inside the thread segment i can make out a faint line in the same area that failed on the other.me think these are milled not cast if im correct what i see looks like the tap has left a score mark,all 3 new ones have them im now wondering if pex was a good idea?has anyone else brought this to attention?

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