Full Port Brass Ball Valves

Model #Description
94ALF10101A1/4 in. FNPT x 1/4 in. FNPT
94ALF10201A3/8 in. FNPT x 3/8 in. FNPT
94ALF10301A1/2 in. FNPT x 1/2 in. FNPT
94ALF20301A1/2 in. SWT x 1/2 in. SWT
94ALF10401A3/4 in. FNPT x 3/4 in. FNPT
94ALF20401A3/4 in. SWT x 3/4 in. SWT
94ALF10501A1 in. FNPT x 1 in. FNPT
94ALF20501A1 in. SWT x 1 in. SWT
94ALF10601A1-1/4 in. FNPT x 1-/14 in. FNPT
94ALF20601A1-1/4 in. SWT x 1-1/4 in. SWT
94ALF10701A1-1/2 in. FNPT x 1-1/2 in. FNPT
94ALF20701A1-1/2 in. SWT x 1-1/2 in. SWT
94ALF10801A2 in. FNPT x 2 in. FNPT
94ALF20801A2 in. SWT x 2 in. SWT

Pressure Reducing Valves

Model #Description
69ELF114TWG3/4″, With Gauge

Telescoping Frost-Proof Hydrants – Extends from 7 in to 12 in. long for desired wall depth

Model #Description
FPHMS121/2 in. MIP/FS x 3/4 in. MHT
APXFPH121/2 in. PEX-B Barb x 3/4 in. MHT
EPXFPH121/2 in. PEX-A Barb x 3/4 in. MHT
FSBFPH121/2 in. Push-To-Connect Barb x 3/4 in. MHT
FPHPLTUniversal 1-3/8 in. Hose Bibb Steel Mounting Plate
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