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Why Choose Us?

Save Time & Money

  • PEX pipe is less expensive than copper pipe and requires fewer connections.
  • PEX fittings take less time to install because there are fewer connections and do not require solder or glues and their drying times.

Simple Install & Operation

  • PEX pipe is joined with easy to install crimp fittings or push fittings.
  • PEX pipe can be run in long lengths and smooth bends without the need for fittings.

Flexible & Lightweight

  • PEX pipe is flexible, lightweight, and can make smooth bends without kinks.

Hot & Cold Usage

  • PEX pipe can be used for hot or cold water. Red and blue pipe is available to distinguish hot and cold water lines.
  • PEX pipe can expand several times its original size without damage, making it freeze resistant. It is recommended to follow all codes regarding water line freeze prevention.

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